How to Become a CBD Wholesale Company

The cannabis industry has boomed in recent years, and an increasing amount of people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) products to treat a variety of ailments and conditions. Forbes estimates that the industry as a whole will be worth an incredible $16 billion by 2025, so it’s no wonder that it seems as though almost…

Here’s How Cannabis Works Inside The Human Body

Scientific inquiry into cannabis and its constituents is what finally led to the discovery of the endocannabinoid system

The Different Ways to Consume Cannabis

Long gone are the days when cannabis belonged exclusively in a rolling paper. Now, there are many different ways to consume cannabis, all with varying effects on the user. Explore the different ways to consume cannabis and how each one differs from the next.

What is CBD Sublingual Application and Why Use It?

Sublingual application was the first delivery method for CBD, but this is rapidly changing.

How to Incorporate Cannabinoids Into Your Green Juices

Juicing typically involves the extracts of fluids and nutrients from the solid flesh of vegetables, fruits, and herbs – all without any added sugar, chemicals, or preservatives

White Label or Manufacture? Stocking The Shelves of a New Retail Business

Naturally, when it comes to retail, the most important factor is stocking the shelves. There are always two ways to go about selling a product: the first is to manufacture the product while the second is to purchase white label products and develop your own branding.

What is the Entourage Effect?

The potential of cannabis as a therapeutic agent is not confined to a single cannabinoid, despite the media hype over CBD and THC. The terpenoids and flavonoids present in a specimen of hemp or marijuana are therapeutic in their own right.

What is Cannabinol (CBN)

Although current research is limited, a few studies have been conducted regarding some of CBN’s potential benefits and effects. Learn about Cannabinol here!

Cannabis botany

Cannabis contains a lot more than just cannabinoids — experts theorize that the therapeutic characteristics of cannabis are due to the combined activity of over 400 chemical entities present in cannabis.

What is a COA and how is it done?

The purpose of third-party lab testing is to provide an unbiased analysis of cannabis and hemp products. A manufacturer sends samples of its products to a lab, which runs independent tests and provides the results.