White Label or Manufacture? Stocking The Shelves of a New Retail Business

Naturally, when it comes to retail, the most important factor is stocking the shelves. There are always two ways to go about selling a product: the first is to manufacture the product while the second is to purchase white label products and develop your own branding.

How To Build A Cannabis Business From The Ground Up

Everybody wants a slice of the cannabis pie. If they didn’t, the industry wouldn’t be pushing the limits as the fastest growing industry ever.

How to “Make It” as a Wholesaler

For the first time in 100 years, hemp and its derived products are legal across the USA. This may be your perfect timing to learn how to open your own wholesale business.

How to “Make It” as a Cannabinoids Retailer

As a result of the booming cannabis market, retailers could face issues with their supply chains. Product manufacturing can already be fickle since it relies on plant material, which is subject to sometimes unpredictable factors such as climate.

The Supply Chain of Cannabidiol

A quick look at the supply chain of cannabinoids, from growing to quality control. Learn about the way we do business and how we care about our products.

Cannabidiolic Acid (CBDa)

While cannabidiol (CBD) is widely accepted as a life-enhancing compound with no psychoactive properties, it has a close relative that should get just as much attention, its name is Cannabidiolic Acid.

CBD And The Law – Is CBD Legal?

CBD will likely soon be federally legal in direct contradiction of the Controlled Substances Act of 1970.