21 Cannabis Terms that You Need to Know About

The cannabis industry can be slightly overwhelming at times, with a huge variety of products on offer and multiple terms and phrases that may be unfamiliar. Here, we’ve picked the terms that we think everybody needs to know.

Does CBD Affect Testosterone?

What kind of side effects, if any, will cannabidiol products have on the human body? How will CBD impact testosterone levels on males?

What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

Cannabis topicals are a localized form of cannabinoid treatment, specifically designed for the treatment of pain, soreness and inflammation. Learn how they work in this article.

What Is CBD Oil?

This relatively new invention, even if cannabis has been used by humans for thousands of years, has become very popular. Let’s learn about how it is extracted, then dissolved into consumable oils to make it ready for consumption.

Terpenes 101: Myrcene or β-myrcene

The cannabis conversation has expanded to include a lot more than cannabinoids. The matter of terpenes and their role in cannabis-derived therapeutics is piquing the curiosity of researchers more than ever.

Terpenes 101: What Is Eucalyptol?

Often found in cannabis, but most prevalent in the Eucalyptus tree, this terpene is responsible for the delicious aroma of Eucalyptus that can be smelt when walking through a forest.

Terpenes 101: β-caryophyllene a.k.a. Caryophyllene or BCP

Before the uncovering of BCP, it was probably never thought that a single compound could be both a terpene and a phytocannabinoid.

α-Caryophyllene, also known as the Humulene Terpene

Humulene is a terpene commonly found in cannabis. Through the entourage effect, humulene works synergistically with other phytocannabinoids to produce a range of different remedial effects.

Cannabinoids for sleep: What to do & what not to do

While getting to know the world of hemp, cannabis and cannabinoids, it is essential to understand that the variety of cannabinoids and methods of consumption may affect everyone differently, including sleeping patterns.

CBD Proven Effective For Addiction?

To understand why there is so much interest in CBD as a method for treating substance abuse, we should first investigate addiction.