Transdermal CBD Patches

Although patches are a relatively new addition to the cannabis marketplace, transdermal patches have been used by physicians for the last 40 years. Most people are familiar with the infamous nicotine patch designed to assist tobacco addicts in the cessation of smoking. Well, the rich-in-cannabidiol patch uses the same fundamental principle – only it replaces nicotine with CBD.

This method of ingestion is particularly effective where a localized pain reliever or anti-inflammatory is required. It also provides the most viable, bioavailable way of ingesting CBD without losing any of it to digestive or metabolic processes. For these reasons, transdermal CBD patches are the target of much praise and validity in the world of medical cannabis.

One of the biggest applications of this product is in the treatment of chronic pain. To give an idea of how many people this product targets, in 2016, doctors distributed over 214 million prescriptions for painkillers. GC offers transdermal CBD patches for those who want to target this enormous part of the health sector. All of our patches are made with hemp-derived CBD, grown on our very own Californian farms.

How do patches work?

Essentially, patches are a form of topical CBD application. That means that cannabinoids are applied to the skin in the form of a patch, whereby they are absorbed through the fatty layers of skin tissue. The effect is localized, reaching only the site where the patch is applied.

The dose of CBD is stored either in the matrix of the CBD patch or in a reservoir stored within the patch itself. Using the principles of concentration gradients, when the patch makes contact with the skin, CBD begins to pass through the patch and onto the skin.

On average, the patches continue to release cannabinoids onto the skin for 4-6 hours. This means a slow release of cannabinoids that produces a long-lasting effect.

Does using patches have any benefits?

The first and most obvious benefit of using a CBD patch rather than using CBD oil is that it is localized treatment. It is unnecessary to ingest CBD if the pain is localized to a certain part of the body. Instead, cannabidiol can be applied directly to the spot that hurts or is inflamed.

Another less obvious benefit of using cannabidiol with patches is in its bioavailability as a patch. When CBD is absorbed through the skin, it bypasses the liver, stomach, and lungs – the primary places in the human body where cannabinoids are broken down. This means virtually no cannabidiol is lost to the metabolic processes of the body, making all of it available to the site of discomfort.

Finally, cannabidiol patches do not make a person high! This form of CBD ingestion is available to all kinds of people including children and elderly alike. They are extremely easy to use and are completely safe.

A safe, natural alternative

The USA is currently facing an opioid epidemic, and the only thing that has proposed any real solution is cannabis. In a world where addiction to painkillers poses a huge threat to society, any natural alternative is welcome. At the crux of it, the market for this product is enormous. It is non-addictive, safe and has virtually no side effects. It is so safe it can be given to children or elderly people.

There is virtually no need to prescribe strong painkillers that threaten the livelihood of the people using them – at least not in a world where cannabidiol patches exist.

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